Her Majesty’s Mage --- 4” flowers.  29”scapes.  Midseason.  Semi-evergreen.  
Recurrent. A pale ivory cream with a light pink peach tint and a washed eye of
violet blue.  Small lime heart.  Petals carry a paler washed pattern. Well
branched scapes.  A unique and different small flower.   Fertile.    
Offshore Mist --- 4¼”flowers.  28”scapes.  Early midseason. Semi-evergreen.  
Recurrent.  A pale ivory cream flower with a washed lavender blue violet circular
eye and a very yellow green throat.  Form is full round and overlapped.  Well
branched scapes.  Fertile.
Shaman’s Totem --- 4¾”flowers.  27”scapes. Midseason.  Dormant.
Recurrent.  A bright yellow cream flower with a large raisin plum eye that covers
most of the petal and a plum edge.  Form is very round and rolled back.  The
visual impact of this daylily is incredible.  Small green heart.  Well branched
scapes.  Fertile.  
The Colorado Kid --- 4¾”flowers.  29”scapes.  Midseason to late. Semi-
evergreen. Recurrent.  A pale lavender rose flower with a washed violet blue eye
patten and a small green throat.  Form is very broad and full with petals
recurving.  Well branched scapes.  Fertile.
Moon Mage --- 3”flower. 18”scapes.  Midseason. Evergreen. Recurrent. A pale
lavender rose bicolor with a washed circular eye of violet and blue surrounded
by a tiny magenta edging.  Petal edges are mostly cream.  Small lime green
heart.  Form is very round and full.  Fertile.
Pinwheel Princess --- 3”flowers.  24”scapes.  Early  midseason. Evergreen.
Recurrent. A pretty lavender rose bitone with paler sepals and a washed petal
eye of lighter lavender that is punctuated by lavender midribs.  Small lime heart.  
Well branched scapes carry multiple blooms.  A jewel in the garden.  
Pixie Prankster --- 2”flowers.  18”scapes. Early midseason. Evergreen.  
Recurrent. A pale lavender pink flower with a tiny circular eye of magenta that is
punctuated by pink flares on the petal midribs.  Tiny green heart.  Well branched
scape carry multiple blooms.  Fertile.
Master of the Moon --- 3½”flowers.  22”scapes.  Midseason. Evergreen.  
Recurrent. A pale lavender rose flower with a washed chalky white eye  
surrounding a yellow green throat.
Sepals are a pale chalky pink lavender. Form is very round and full.  A real
garden gem.
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